Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50w Combos

Despite its English-sounding name, Hughes & Kettner is a German-based company making fine tube guitar and bass amps. The switchblade was the world’s first programmable tube amp – you can save 128 different programmes into its memory and call them up via the footswitch included or remotely via midi.

The amps also have very comprehensive basic onboard effects – reverb, delay, chorus, flange and tremolo. They’re ideal if you want good tube tone but work in lots of different contexts or cover a lot of different sounds.

I have TWO because I use them in parallel via a passive Lehle splitter. This makes choruses wide and lush, and enables the double-amped lead sounds that characterise most great recordings. One floorboard controls both via a midi jump lead. A flexible system that sets up in one minute. Damn good, versatile all-round amps.

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  1. I’ve just purchased the Hughes & Kettner foot switch and it did not have a owner’s manual. Where can i get one? Thank you, Richard Johnson

  2. Rockbeare says:

    I’ll scan the relevant pages of one of my manuals and email it to you…

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