’91 EVH Signature

A modern classic, this one, owned from new in 1991. Some 6000 were made between 1990-95 and this is one of the first batch of three in the UK (a red one, a turquoise one and this one, since you ask). Very useful info site at http://www.rocknrollweekend.com/music_man.html.

The last pic was taken in sunlight as the indoor shots don’t capture the pink colour well.  Pink is not to everybody’s taste, but it’s quite a rare colour, especially in this mint condition with matching rectangular black case and all case candy.

Great distinctive palette of sounds from its custom-wound pickups. Like all MusicMans, the neck is very true so the action is very fast. Superb for modern legato, tapping and high speed widdlywiddly stuff, but surprisingly good for jazzy stuff on the neck pickup too!

5 Responses to ’91 EVH Signature

  1. Phil says:

    This thing is SOOOO sexy! I don’t suppose you’d consider selling this thing? Other than scouring Ebay, is there anywhere to go to get one of these pink EVH’s?

  2. ed says:

    how come the floyd rose bridge is recessed? never seen another EBEVH with a recessed floyd///

  3. Rockbeare says:

    Well spotted! I had it back-routed shortly after buying it as the downwards-only travel didn’t suit me or the music I was playing at the time. I worried that it might affect the tone, and took extensive luthier advice at the time, but it didn’t. And I made sure I got a decent pro job done.

  4. hjhhjhj says:

    pink should have black writing on headstock. red has white

  5. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks for the comment (some months ago now). An example of someone presenting as an expert when they clearly aren’t. The instrument is an owned-from-new original, mint and pink with white headtosck legend. Or maybe you think it’s a Chusicman.

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