’81 Ovation Country Artist

A strange fish, this one. A weird hybrid at the time, I got it cheap through a mate who had a deal with then importers Rose-Morris. Nylon strings, classical-style bridge, completely flat wide neck and slotted peghead with spruce top, fibreglass bowl back. ‘Immortalised’ by Glen Campbell.

A few years back, I had a Fishman blend system fitted. It’s a very nice-playing and -sounding guitar, giving good nylon-strong tones acoustic or electric, in dead mint condition with matching Ovation hardcase and all paraphernalia.

2 Responses to ’81 Ovation Country Artist

  1. Glenn Jarrett says:

    Hi there.
    Is this guitar available for sale?
    If so, would you ship to Melbourne, Australia?
    Please quote your asking price and suggested shipping option.

    E G J

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks for your enquiry. I’ve owned this guitar from new and it was in its original acoustic only form until I had a Fishman Prefix system installed about ten years back. It’s otherwise in mint/brand new conditon.

    I would not sell this it for less than GBP1000, and the last time I shipped a guitar safely from Aus (my black Charvel Spectrum), it wasn’t cheap, ca.UK200.

    Best wishes

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