Micro pedalboard for jamming V1

When you jam, there’s little time to set up.  Some jams even have a ‘no stomp boxes’ rule to hasten changeovers and minimise wankers’ wasting valuable playing time.  And often the back line is pretty shit too.

This ensures that no-one sounds as good as the house band, who are invariably more familiar with the(ir) gear and space.  I should know, I’ve been in enough house bands and have played the game myself.

So I wanted something that gives me all the control I need but sets up instantly through any clean amp, is seriously portable and doesn’t rely on mains power, so :

– I considered Analog Alien’s otherwise excellent Rumble Seat pedal, which combines od, delay and reverb, but I rejected it because it needed external power at 17? volts, and

 – I designed a boutique stompbox comprising od, delay and reverb and had it fabricated…

…but in the meantime I had gigs to do, so after a lot more research I arrived at this setup.

It looks a bit like a box of candy, but is very powerful and gives me all the tones I need for blues-based jamming.   It’s very portable as it straps onto my gigbag, and is powered by Pedaltrain’s Volto rechargeable power supply (though it’s good idea to plug in if there’s nearby juice as it probably won’t do a whole gig).

Jamming pedalboard v3

This is the latest, version three, incarnation. It comprises :

– a TC Polytune Mini Noir;

– Mooer’s excellent little Hustle Drive;

– the Remarkably flexible Mooer Mod Factory for multi-fx (replaced a Trelicopter trem);

– Mooer Repeater mod delay;

– Mooer Sky Verb (better-sounding than previous Shimverb)

…with Mooer custom linkages.

Musicians also tend to have very big feet.  One caught my lead and caused the board to drop off my amp during setup, damaging several of the units’ mini-switches.  This was fixed quickly and efficiently by S J Effects (thanks Steve) and I added a kitchen drawer pull as a protective rail so things don’t get trashed again. We’re jammin’.

This board is so useful and convenient that much of my other stuff is now half-redundant, bit it in turn has been supplanted my my V3 board.


3 Responses to Micro pedalboard for jamming V1

  1. J. says:

    So i’m not the only one colouring the little Mooer knobs….!

    Looks a bit like my DIY compact pedalboard(case)
    Reecho, Ensemble king, Ninety Orange, Polytune mini-noir, a 4-knob JVM footswitch, power supply and patchbay

  2. G Mac says:

    I replaced a giant Gator three piece pedal board with a Mooer M6. Right now I’m running a tuner, Juicer, Crusher, Compressor, Mod Factory and a Soul Shiver. I have a Green Mile in reserve, that the Juicer out performed.

  3. Rockbeare says:

    Cool! Have you seen their PB-10, two mini boards that pack away like a mini but fold out on a hinge to make a narrow straight line which holds 10-12 micro pedals. Very cool…

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