’61 ES 330 TC

Another example of a single-pickup ES330, this time in the popular cherry red finish. Close in sound to the natural-finish example from 1960, very lightweight. Surprisingly similar wide-flat neck profile, more ‘60 than ’61, maybe suggesting the neck might be from an older batch.

Video of me playing this guitar here

Only 582 of these shipped between ’60 and ’63, of which ’61 was the ‘busiest’ year with 214 leaving the factory.  It lives in a period-correct brown Cali girl case but is pictured in its stablemate’s original red-lined cardboard case ’cos it looks soooo good.

Both this and the natural ’60 version play like the wind and the P90 pickups are very dynamic and expressive. Probably my favourite guitar despite some very stiff competition!

’61 ES330TC Photo Cal Wootton


4 Responses to ’61 ES 330 TC

  1. Bruce Vizino says:

    I have a 1962 ES 330 TC in good condition-are you interested in purchasing it? Do you know who might? Thanks alot.

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Probably not one for me, but maybe mail some pix to [email protected] so I can see if there’s any interest from fellow collectors?

  3. Paul Nesbitt says:

    Hi Bob,

    Many thanks for sharing your wonderful collection.

    I’ve recently become the happy owner of a ’61 Gibson ES330TC (No. 34231) and it’s quickly become (probably) MY favourite guitar too. Although I’ve wanted one for about the last ten years, good ones are hard to find in the UK ~ and it was your enthusiasm for the instrument which definitely provided some encouragement. They really are amazing; I have a ’57 ES225T and a ’62 ES330TDC and they’re also great guitars, but this has a combination of features which make it ~ well, perfect. The rest is up to me now!

    Thanks in no small part to your endorsement (if that’s the right word), I also found Cliff Brown and 633 Amps; so I’ve ordered a Dragonfly RT from him. It will hopefully end my search for a small amp which totally suits my needs.

    Very best wishes,


  4. Rockbeare says:

    Very good to hear that, Paul. I think your setup will sound fabulous. Though it wil also remove any excuses! Enjoy and good luck.

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