Mooer micro-fx

I saw these some time back and acquired them recently to make up my very small but very powerful jamming pedalboard.  They’re quite excellent, not toys at all.


Mooer Repeater

The Mod Factory has chorus, flange, phase, tremolo, slicer (a steep square wave trem), vibrato, envelope filter, auto wah, touch wah, Univibe and ringmod in the tiny box. Unbelievable – see full demo here.  It replaced the very competent but more limited Trelicopter.

The Repeater delay goes from very short slap to one second and has modulation for U2-type voicings.  Again, does everything I need and on very short mod/delay settings, it even masquerades as a sort of chorus in a tight spot, although the Mod Factory does this.

Mooer Hustle Drive

The Skyverb replaced a previous Shimverb as I preferred the sound and does everything I need, which usually means a large room delay with a longish tail but low in the mix.  It also has a decent spring sound though I don’t use it.

And finally the Hustle drive, one of about sixteen different drives they offer, and utterly superb, almost up there with most of my other boutique low- to mid-gain drives.

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  1. Sam says:

    Been a while since I looked in, so I’m not sure how old this topic is. Have you tried the Mooer GE200? I’ll come clean and admit I’m not much of an electric guitarist. I just like making a racket, and the Mooer is far better than my ability. Small package but lots in it.
    Not sure how good it would be live, but worth a look. Sam

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