Digitech iStomp programmable

Basically a ‘blank’ pedal into which you can load about thirty or forty different kinds of pedal via an iPad or iPhone.  These things used to retail for well over £100, with each pedal model costing another three quid.


But late in 2013, they dropped the price of the pedal to £49 and made all the models free. Now we’re talking!

So I bought one to be all the pedals I don’t use very often and therefore didn’t want to buy. For me, this means phaser, flanger, vibrato.

I also got some good drives, compressor, trem, reverbs and delays thrown in.  A good pedal to have on the board to cover all the bases different gigs might demand.  Stereo in and out too.

But then they discontinued it (presumably because it didn’t sell) and stopped supporting the page from which new pedal emulations downloaded.  also, the pedal was from the time when it Apple used the old 16-pin flat connector, so it didn’t interface with lightning, let alone usb-c cables, so it’s completely obsolete.

I moved on to Hotone Xtomps and have it stuck on a rotary speaker setting, which is very good. As long as it lasts….

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