Nobody has EVER responded to this page, but I still live in hope…

Original ’50’s snakeskin case for Les Paul Junior in acceptable shape, with handle and Gibson badge

’57 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst, ‘v’ profile neck, all original, clean, with GOOD SOUNDING NECK!

Early (’63>’64>’65) reverse-bodied Gibson Firebird 1, clean and all original, no breaks. Any finish, probably sunburst.

Charvel Spectrums any original colour with MAPLE fingerboard in excellent condition

Charvel 325 SLX electroacoustic in PINKBURST


Realistic prices paid

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  1. John says:

    I have a 1950 Antoria Archtop Cello guitar with F holes and is shaped like a Cello or Violin. It says made in USA. Have you seen one or do you know of a web site that would give details of such an unusual guitar they are very rare.

    Contact John
    [email protected]

    Yours John

  2. Rockbeare says:

    I’m not much of an Antoria expert – as you can seem my main thing is golden age US guitars. But I’ve never seen anthying that fits the description you offer. However, I am pretty certain that no Antoria from the 50’s, or from any time for that matter, was made in the US! Nor have I found any useful Antoria resources – they’re not as well-subscribed or documented as, say, Ibanez. Good luck finding out more about yours and best wishes.

  3. Sarah Griffiths says:

    I am currently selling a Charvel, originally I though this was a charvel jackson model 8, but been advised it is Charvel Spectrum (Jeff Beck Model)

    Wondered if you could give me some guidance on market value, not sure if I have over/under priced, Many thanks

  4. Rockbeare says:

    Hi, Sarah, well done for finding me and thanks for asking. It’s a lovely example of a mid- to late-period (’90-91) Charvel Spectrum you have there, in what they quite incorrectly called Violet in their catalogue of the time.

    In good condition like yours, these things used to sell for under £200. Then they all disappeared and rarely come up for sale. I suppose me and my mates Hoovering up about sixteen between us didn’t help. Not only are they great guitars, but they’re pretty and scarce, so my guess is that others are hoarding theirs and hoping to make a later profit. Me, I just collect ’em to play.

    To answer your question, it all depends how much you want to sell it. I think you’ll be pretty unlikely to find a buyer with a starting price of £450 – indeed, that would be quite a handsome ending price in this market/economy. If you really want to sell it, I’d start the auction a lot lower, ca £300 and let any buyers battle it out. If it were me, and I don’t want to sell in the first place, I’d start about where you have, because I’d only be interested in pretty silly bids from people desperate for one.

    These guitars were also made with maple fingerboards, and I have none, so I would be one of those silly people myself if yours was one of those.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  5. Dimitris says:

    Good Evening RockBeare!
    Really nice website!
    Below is my guitar for sale Custom Shop USA Schecter Deluxe.
    I ‘ve seen that you are looking for specific guitars, but if you have time just take a look of this one!
    Thank you!


  6. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks, Dimitris, nice guitar but not one for me.

  7. Megan Davies says:

    Hi there!

    I’ve found a Vox Marauder in my dad’s attic. He said it’s an old guitar he had in the sixties. It’s missing the bridge cover and switch tip but otherwise it’s okay considering its age. I know nothing about guitars really, and am desperate to know if I should let it go for a few hundred pounds or keep hold of it in case it’s really rare.

    Someone told me as it doesn’t have the effect buttons it means it’s earlier and could be a proto type? The serial number on the back is 76798
    Mine doesn’t have any effect buttons and only 2 pots? I think that’s what they’re called!! I have seen some pics but not quite the same as the guitar I have. Any information on its value would be really appreciated, I don’t want my dad to get ripped off!

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks, Meg. Nice thing to find in an attic!

    These things are pretty desirable to Vox collectors, if not as sought after as the shapes which more famous people used in the sixties, like the teardrop-shaped Phantom.

    I believe that the Marauders without the onboard effects are less desirable (if also less prone to breakdown) than those with, and I would only be interested in one with all the gimmicks. Missing bridge cover and swtichtip will depress price a bit but not too much.

    If it’s no use to you, why hang on to it? You could probably get a fair price selling it, and you could always set a reserve. Good luck whatever you decide to do…

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