A Digression – Vehicle Insurance

February sees my renewal of my annual car insurance.  I’ve been with More Than for a number of years and it’s been satisfactory.

I can’t say better than that because motor insurance has evolved during my many years as a driver.  A true specific insurance product has been supplanted by a much more sophisticated industry of ‘preferred partners’ and one in which there seems to be no compunction to sell your details to ambulance chasers if you’re involved in an incident.  Whose calls persist four years later, for F**k’s sake.

Anyway, the renewal papers a couple of weeks ago arrived and as usual the premium asked looked a bit steep.  So I went online, shopped around and then called More Than and wiped almost £200 off the bill.  I (have to) do this every year.

Price Watch seems to be working for J Sainsbury, and it’s particular to each customer.  I wonder when we can expect similarly customer-focussed attention from our providers of financial services?  The aggregators are already doing the grunt work.

In the meantime, More Than also sent out a letter that reminds that cover will lapse if it not renewed.  This was dated February 17, before I renewed, but it arrived on March 1st, the day after cover ran out.  A great ad for TNT post, by the way – almost Italian in its sloth.

During this long time I’d (obviously) renewed.  So not only do I not get treated as an individual by a company that professes it can and does, but I get a strongly-worded letter unnecessarily, more because of a sloppy choice of mail service (must be very cheap) than poor use of my data.

A little less time on data and a little more on customer service, perhaps?

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