TC Ditto Looper

Another new purchase.  I really enjoy using the looper in my Roland GR55.  The one in the Axe-Fx is of course excellent, but triggering start, overdub and stop via midi from the Ground Control floorboard is problematic as there’s a slight delay.

Ditto looper

This product is pretty new.  It embodies TC’s renowned clarity of sound and does it all with a single button.  Takes up no space on the pedalboard, but it has to go last in the signal chain if you want to be able to use all the other fx.

Since this includes reverb, it means that the out of my Fuchs Verbrator now goes into the looper before returning to the amp’s fx return (or the input, depending on which of my amps I’m using).

It’s intuitive, compact, great sounding, a brilliant little pedal.  It’s even got a mini-usb for software updates – TC did a very good job on this design.

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