TC Corona Chorus

The TC Corona is a really flexible but subtle chorus.  It replaced an MXR Micro Chorus which I bought when I first moved into pedalboards, and which was very simple to use (one knob made all the decisions for you), but too clanky-sounding in use.

TC CoronaThe Corona, by contrast, is very subtle.  It’s got the same extreme settings if you want them, but all the moderate settings are very musical and it doesn’t suck middle from the tone, a common problem with phase-cancelling effects.

Like my TC Flashback delay pedal, it has TC’s Toneprint tech so you can download loads of cool artists patches and will soon be able to deep-edit your own signature sound.

It’s nice and small and it’s stereo out feeds the TC Flashback‘s stereo ins so I can run a bi-amped stereo or triamped rig off the outs too.

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