Hotone Xtomp programmable

A great idea in a beautiful housing, Hotone’s Xtomp can be loaded with any of over 100 programs to become any pretty much kind of stomp – drive, mod, looper, whatever.  It’s a chameleon.  Sounds pretty good too.  It takes the idea of the Digitech iStomp on further.

I used to have four alongside a TC Polytune mini on a small Pedaltrain board which I could programme for any gig, electric or acoustic.

But while I found the individual pedals excellent, they expensive even at trade price and  generated lots of digital noise artifacts in series with each other – so I sold all but one, which I keep in case I need a type of pedal I don’t have.

Hotone weren’t much use through this – typical US customer service, lots of apparently helpful jock talk but little action.  As they’re moved on to develop new products, they’ve pretty much stopped supporting the product or loading new models onto the dedicated Xtomp app, though it still works for now….