’53 ES 175

The ES175 (it was originally offered for sale at $175) is Gibson’s longest running guitar in continuous production, unbroken since its launch in 1949. Solid testament to how right they got it from the off, and how enduring a design they created.

The ES175 was and remains the jazz guitarist’s standard, though the definitive model is from ’58-61 with PAF humbucking pickups. This is one of the 829 single-pickup sunburst ES175’s shipped in ’53, when they were fitted with the gnarly, barking early P-90, fat round necks and the narrower frets of the period.

It’s clearly been a workman’s guitar, and shows some finish peeling from sweat absorption on the rear upper bout. It passed through New York dealer Matt Umanov at some point. It plays and projects beautifully and I bet it could tell a tale or two. All original, down to the single ring tuner buttons characteristic of the time. Original brown hard case with less common green baize lining, in fair condition.

3 Responses to ’53 ES 175

  1. Daniel Park says:


    What is your asking price for the Gibson ES-175?

    Let me know. Thanks.


  2. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks for asking but it’s not for sale. There are a couple of very similar ones on gbase for $3950 asking prices.

  3. Gerald says:

    Beautiful guitar. Been working on a 53 just like it

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