Groove Tubes Trio Preamp

I got this in part-exchange for my first rackmount preamp, a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp. Truth be told, the retailer never charged me the balance on the transaction so I got what I regard as probably the finest tube guitar preamp ever made for the equivalent of about £150!




It has three channels, each with its own controls. The clean channel is modelled on a vintage Fender, but has much more depth and lustre – it’s the best clean sound I know. (Of course I’ve tried modelling it in the Axe-FX and sampling in the Kemper). The crunch sound is pure Keef and the lead sound sings nicely but benefits from a bit of outboard post-EQ.

It’s got a cool retro look and is still well-supported by Aspen Pittman’s excellent Groove Tubes company.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hey are you willing to trade that for a Hughes and Kettner Bluesmaster preamp? ontop of some cash aswell?

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Sorry, no. The GT Trio has the best clean sound I’ve ever come across, so I’m holding on tight! Best wishes.

  3. jeff says:

    Hey there

    i’ve got #125 and #128. Any idea what you’ve got?

    Aspen offered to add the midi unit [that it’s slotted for] but I turned him down. I could kick myself now.

    I used to use a Lake Butler Micro Mitigator to switch the channels [via midi] but it took a dump on me. Any ideas on what to use now?

    Yes, Absolutely the single best clean sound on the planet. Period. Although the Marshall JMP1 ain’t too bad [in a pinch].

    Love to hear from you.


  4. Rockbeare says:

    Hey, Jeff, thanks for your comment. I don’t know the # of my GT Trio and it’s back in dock with the rest of the big rig chasing out hum and switching pops.

    I’ll be posting the lengthy tale of how the whole rig came about and was developed once it is finally sorted, and it may not make pretty reading for one or two of the people who have charged me quite a lot of money only to not lead it in fully-working shape.

    I would commend the retrofit of the dedicated midi control card if you can get it done. Although the preamp is long discontinued, I imagine it should be possible to find someone on the Internet who could do it, especially if you’re in the US or even better, near the West Coast, where all this stuff seems to happen. Maybe GT even know somebody, perhaps a previous staffer, who could help?

    Happy playing and best wishes.

  5. jeff says:

    Hi Rockbeare

    That’s why I build my own racks. Can’t do the repairing though.

    Can’t advise on switching pops [don’t know what you’re running] but hum can be dealt with with a Monster 7000 [not any other Monster] and one or more Voodoo Labs brick [s]. The red channel will still hum but what else can you expect from 5 12ax7 tubes? Everything else in the rack should be dead silent.

    But the Monster weighs a TON. And it doesn’t fit in a 19″ rack so you’ll have to have something made to carry it. Ah, what we do for tone.

    Love to read the “story”. Post it here or send it to

    Some day I’ll get some pictures up of my rig. Never enough time for everything.

    I’m WC. I’ll check around. Hadn’t thought to ask my tech guy.

    I’m wondering if the Rockman Octopus [it’s old, too] will work?

    Thanks for the response.


  6. Fred Pedemonti says:

    Hi, are you selling this?
    How much?
    Does it have the midi card?
    Thanks Fred Pedemonti

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