TC Flashback delay pedal

This replaced an MXR Carbon Copy delay, which I liked but it just sounded too dark (though I miss its beautiful dark green housing flecked with mica!).

The TC is very different – many more voices from ultra-clean to dark lo-fi, with a great atmospheric mod delay setting, even reverse delays.

TC flashback

It’s also got TC’s Toneprint tech.  With a laptop, you need to use a cable (which is also the way you update the firmware), but with tablet and phone you download an app, hold the device close to the guitar’s pickup and ‘play’ the instructions.  The pedal hears the instruction and loads the tone. I didn’t believe it would work until I tried it – it’s quite brilliant.

Once TC has released its deep-editing software later in 2013, the future looks like being stompboxes with some of the intelligence of an Axe-Fx.

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