Brace Digital Wireless – A big disapppointment

I bought this from the same dealer – a pedal ‘specialist’ – as several of my first pedals. The pedals he sold me were pretty good, but the power supply, a Diago power station, didn’t work out and this, the Brace Digital Wireless system was a real disappointment.

It works on a different voltage to the de-facto standard 9v centre negative, and the 3v power input is very small bore, making it incredibly prone to damage.  Power supply is extra, not included and like most wirelesses it eats batteries.

But worse, its range was very limited and I found serious latency issues if you often play too fast as I do.  So first my tech had to build me a dual rectified power supply with parallel 9v and 3v feeds, and then he had to screen the Brace receiver with copper foil to reduce noise whining on my pedalboard!

Neither manufacturer nor retailer showed any sense of responsibility for these shortcomings, and so to give some idea of how dissatisfied I was I threw it away rather than sell it on to another unsuspecting user…

A seriously disappointing product – avoid.

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