’99 Taylor 514 CE

I wasn’t looking for an acoustic at the time, but I walked into the Acoustic Centre one day when it was still based in Wapping, played this and knew I had to have it. Acoustics are much more variable for obvious reasons, and when you find a good one, you should buy it. Great balance and resonance, easy to play, my main gigging acoustic for years now.

To me, Taylors are like the PRS of acoustic guitars – high-end, well made, beautiful attention to finish. But this one’s cedar top is unusual in the Taylor range. It is both bright and warm, and has played in really nicely.

My only sadness is that the construction of the neck joint prevents retrofitting their more recent Expression System in place of the onboard Fishman Matrix blend pickup and preamp. The Fishman is fine, but I’ve played another (inferior but more recent) 514-CE with an Expression System and it’s clearly a better amplification system.

Virtually mint with matching hardcase and candy.

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