Intellitouch Freedom One wireless/tuner

A great idea this – a combination wireless and tuner in a single stompbox sized housing, with a pretty nifty transmitter dongle for guitar.


In use, it’s a bit of a toy – the plastic housing doesn’t shriek ‘robust’.  It compresses and darkens tone and has significant latency and limited range, but it’s ok for most gigs. and it has a jack input to bypass the wireless when batteries are out or when tone matters…

I can’t wait for someone to launch a professional version which doesn’t suck tone or add quite ca.50 ms’ latency delay – in a metal housing.  How about it, guys?

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  1. Rusty says:

    Regarding the Freedom One unit shown above . . . works great here.
    The plastic housing is very robust – designed to be stepped on. Looks are deceiving.
    If not plastic, the embedded wireless antenna will not emit. Who wants an external antenna on a pedal board?? The unit is DIGITAL – there is no compression, there is no squelch, no tone loss, maybe a small gain! Maybe you have a defective one – not sure. Range is limited to 30-40 feet which is more than necessary, honestly, for 99% of players.

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Hey, Rusty, thanks for your robust comments. Whilst on the subject of robustness :

    1 The unit is too flimsy for anything but casual use, so whatever material, they will need to fix this.

    2 Digital schmigital. The unit compresses, darkens tone and adds latency, all clearly audibly.

    3 It’s actually my third – all have had the same issues. As you can see from my text, one major retailer considered it so substandard that he returned his entire stock and refused to sell me one. I only persisted because it’s cheap, convenient and takes up little precious pedalboard space.

    I bought it in spite of its several shortcomings, but I didn’t think it would be long before other manufacturers entered the space and I could upgrade. Shure are already there and other reputable names are set to follow soon. Would you rather buy an Intellitouch product or something from Shure? Or Samson, Sennheiser, Sony, Line 6 etc etc? I know my answer. Enjoy yours – maybe you’d like to buy mine as the spare you will need soon enough!

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