With Jih

From way back, but a proud high moment with bandleader/singer/writer Grant McNally and drummer John Gunn. Produced by Soft Cell’s Dave Ball at Decca (in the next Studio to Tears For Fears’ tracking ‘The Hurting’), DJM and Lansdowne studios back in the day.

This Gift features some pretty wild guitar from 3.29-3.57 – it’s a long time back, but I recall using a Boss Octaver to drop the pitch by an octave into the drive channel of my MusicMan RD112, close miked through the studio’s Eventide to harmonize to take it back up an octave, restoring to pitch.

I had been listening to Robert Fripp’s playing on Bowie’s Scary Monsters a lot and obviously decided to have my own go at that style, some years before I studied Guitar Craft with the enigmatic Mr Fripp.

I also used a Scholtz Rockman to DI some parts – a pretty nasty idea with hindsight, but happily time has been kind.