2008 Tokai FB40 “Firebird”, Chinese

2009 Tokai “SG Junior”, Japanese

8 Responses to Electrics

  1. Moby says:

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for letting me play the goldie last night. Cheers, M.

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Ur welcome, enjoyed your short set. Until next time, hopefully soon.

  3. David Tolson says:

    Hi. Bob

    I’m David Tolson a guitarist/guitar importer from South Devon.
    Are you based in Rockbeare, Devon?
    I wondered if you’ve imported any of your collection, or, were they all acquired in the UK?

  4. Rockbeare says:

    Hi David.

    No I’m in the southeast. I use rockbeare as in the medieval spelling of rock bear.

    I bought some of my instruments here, some abroad. Cross-border stuff is getting more difficult these days.

  5. Robert dixon says:

    I recently bought a 2021 custom shop 57 Vos gold top and have been experiencing elbow pain in my left arm. Do you believe the thicker necks can cause this?

  6. bobwootton says:

    Hi, thanks for asking. I’m not sure. Perhaps in wrist or lower arm if you’re really having to stretch to get across/round a thick neck, but not so sure this would manifest as far up as elbow. Posture may be the issue, especially trying to look cool by playing the guitar properly too low (impossible!). If seated, try a footstool or one of these new-dangled devices (https://guitarscientist.com/get-performaxe/), a bit clunky but surprisingly effective. Or finally, it could be material and duration of practice session – eg hours of sweep arpeggios, a classic recipe for a repetitive strain injury. Hope some of this makes sense to you… Good luck.

  7. Robert dixon says:

    Thanks bob. I’m a retired literature professor from the university of Sydney and born in 1954 so one year older than you. Certainly the problem is not that I’m trying to look cool. I don’t. But I do think the 57 neck stretches the tendons in my smallish hands. I have a rickenbacker 360 v64/6 that is so light and the pain has only come with the 57 gold top. I’m retired now and play in a sort of Beatles tribute band. Id love to meet up and chat. Not likely now though I was often in London before retired. Also Id love you and Ramon to do an abbey road video to follow your excellent Decca studio one. Give me an email If you feel like it.
    Robert. Thanks for catching up.

  8. bobwootton says:

    You’re one of those fortunate people for whom later sixties neck profiles are a positive, which will save you a lot of money. Why not flip the goldtop reissue for a late sixties semi?

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