Like most long-time guitarists, I’ve accumulated hundreds of cables, most of which still work as I can solder to maintain them.  But I have my favourites :

Van Damme, a great company run by a good friend and collector.  My favourite of their cables are actually video cables which I terminate myself with my favourite Neurtrik switched jacks.  Their lo-capacitance cable is also excellent, very clear and transparent, if also very stiff!  Van Damme make great patch cables in any imaginable format too…

Tabacco : But my favourite cables of all are the two I got form Vincenzo Tobacco in Italy.  He mainly builds nice amps, but has cables sound really good and don’t get twisted.

Axe : a new brand, founded by my pro player friend and fellow 633 amp user Stuart Dixon.  He also makes cables using Van Damme and Neutrik and his new super cable, which employs a Neutrik NP2RX Ultimate plug at the guitar end, which can adjust cable capacitance between four setting to emulate different cables.  Instant switching from super transparent studio to sixties coiled cable sounds.  Very smart.