’68 360/12

The definitive electric 12-string from imho their finest period of production, ‘66-’68. Most Ricks of the time were finished in Fireglo, their name for their signature pale ‘tequila sunburst’, and some were issued in Mapleglo (natural) or Jetglo (solid black). A few custom orders also appeared in other colours – I know of one in ‘Burgundyglo’, and have seen one in sky blue sunburst! Fabulous and wacky.

This instrument has never been refinished, but a couple of small patches of wear reveal red beneath and suggest that it could be a factory second, a Fireglo instrument that didn’t pass the final inspection and was sent back along the line to be oversprayed as Jetglo before shipping.  This was not an uncommon practice at the time.

Either way, it is all original and nothing sounds like it, or plays nearly as well (though the necks on these things are quite narrow and not suited to bigger fingers). It’s particularly spectacular through a Rick-O-Sound splitter lead and two tube amps – even better if they’re AC30’s.

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