’82 Chiquita Travel Guitar

Bought to keep me company on a two-week trip to Greece many years ago, this guitar has gigged often since and always raises a smile. I tune it up to A and string with 10-46’s, and its single, direct-coupled Di Marzio (see rant) screams. It also does great ‘electric mandolin’ stuff.

’82 Chiquita Travel Guitar in case with matching amp

Its in great, original condition has its own original case and early 9-volt battery powered mini-amp, which records really well. The plain and simple white nylon strap belonged to a friend and is a memorial to and reminder of him. He died of a heart attack whilst on stage with us at a club in South London in 1984.  A lovely lovely man, sorely missed.

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  1. ManLeo says:

    Got 1 = yours (difference: black t-rod cover + knob): The case + amp are still there.
    I see yours’s kept orig.: nice gauge+ tuning alternative.
    I changed tuners, added neck p-up (Ibanez G. Benson), double volume concentric pot (= no selector). Relocated the body strap-button to the corner.
    Went the other route w/ tuning: 4 Cello strings (steel flatwounds) for G-D-A-E + .018″ (B), .014″ (E). Standard tuning, a step below (D). Sounds BIG!

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