Rack rig aka ‘The Fridge’

A rig for bigger / more serious gigs. It’s actually two rigs in one – the master 4u rack at the top of the pic holds the Axe-Fx preamp/fx and the Mesa 50-50 power amp. This is pretty portable.

The remaining additional gear is housed in a less portable 14u rack case (on castors but weighs a ton) and is connected via the Axe-Fx’s programmable stereo loop.

Either the small 4u rig or the full 18u rig can then drive either or both pairs of open-back 1×12″ speakers (EV black widows and Celestion Vintage 30’s).  The schematic shows the configuration and signal path – click on it to expand.

For the full history of The Fridge, with some twists, turns and lessons hard learned.

The pretty shit Line 6 Pod X3 Pro has been replaced by a Kemper Profile rackmount, a much more interesting and capable device.

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