‘16 Dwight Eliminator

Dwight was a house brand used in the early sixties for Sonny Shields Music in East Saint Louis (Illinois), which was owned by Charles “Dwight” Shields, to whom Epiphone, and later Supro, supplied guitars.

Identical to contemporary Epiphone Coronets but of some interest to collectors for their rarity and novelty, Dwights featured a “D” on the pickguard and the “Dwight” logo on the pegged instead of Epigone’s usual ‘E’ and headstock logo.

My good friend, master luthier and refinisher and top Yorkshireman Clive Brown acquired the rights and now makes guitars under the brand.

This is made from Korina wood and modelled on a ’58 Gibson Explorer, but with only one pickup – a PAF wound for me by Matt Gleeson of Monty’s guitars – and a wraparound bridge.  A sort of ‘Explorer Junior’ collaboration from two of the very best makers.

The original numberless knobs come from old Gibson amplifiers, but I couldn’t resist swapping them for period-correct gold bonnets which go up eleven for obvious reasons.

It’s very light, extremely live and responsive, plays and sounds fantastic and feels exactly like my old instruments. Great for peeling off Clapton riffs ca.’68. A masterpiece – why anybody would want to buy a modern historic reissue for quite a bit more money is completely beyond me.