My latest piece of kit…

..and a great sound enhancement.  I’ve been looking into power attenuators, so that I can scale the output volume of my various amps to the venues I play.  A 50w Marshall may be a beautiful amp but it’s useless if you can’t crank it.

At the moment, I’m confused by the many products on the market at wildly varying prices,  and by the many posts decrying this or that solution.  My search is made harder by the fact that few UK dealers carry attenuators at all, and then only one of max. two brands, making meaningful inter-product comparisons impossible.

And then there are the interesting new speakers whose efficiencies, and therefore loudnesses are adjustable by means of their magnetic flux!  (No good in closed-back cabinets, though!).

In the meantime, I continue to gig, and I’ve found an excellent temporary solution.  A CUSHION IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKER! Sure, you lose some top end, but you can make the amp work harder without deafening the audience and obliterating the rest of the band. Works in rehearsal and for home practice too.

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