Egnater Tweaker 15, part 2….

…two gigs this weekend, a wedding function and a pub gig, about 100 punters at each.

The wedding gig was a bit stiff and the room was cavernous, taller than it was wide with a vaulted ceiling which made it loud and bright.  The 15w Egnater coped but the conditions didn’t enable it to distinguish itself.

It came into its own at the pub gig.  I used the Eric Johnson Strat with Lollar Special S pickups, the Barber Burn Unit set for clean boost and medium drive, and the amp on a clean AC30 setting.  Great tone, perfect level for controlling everything with the volume control.

Can’t wait to play out again with that rig.  Two minutes to set up and take down, went into the back of my mini convertible with plenty of room for another band member and her gear too.

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