TCelectronic – great products, but so-so customer service

When I bought my TCelectronic Flashback delay and Corona chorus pedals recently, I’d already made my choice but the purchase was sweetened by the promise of a free drive stompbox bundled in.

It transpired that you have to print and mail an application form to TC in Denmark along with the original receipt, and the small print suggests it could be many weeks before the freebie shows.  In short, a right old palaver, but at least the freebie is well worth having.

I chose their Mojomojo pedal and my wait began.  Last week, I got a notification that UPS had tried to deliver something to my home while I was at work.  They only deliver during work hours, so I called them to rearrange delivery to my office the following Monday.

Nothing arrived, yet the tracking facility on the UPS web site showed that the package had been delivered that morning.  I checked again – not to my office reception, nor the main building reception, nor the hotel next door, nor the business across the road, and nobody recognised the signatory…

So I called UPS, but they won’t initiate an investigation unless the sender instructs them, and I didn’t know who the sender was.  After some persuasion, ‘I’ll have to ask my manager’ etc, they revealed it was TC.  I deduced that it was my free pedal (probably following a customer support ticket I had posted chasing it to which I had no reply).

So I phoned TC for a relevant email address – there are none on the web site.  They responded after a couple of days, saying they’d asked UPS to investigate.  Not holding my breath, I subsequently suggested to TC they they simply mail me another Mojomojo and get UPS to send the lost one back to them if and when they find it wherever they had dumped it.

Still no pedal.  Hey, it’s only TWO MONTHS so far….

I think TC products are pretty good.  I’ve had a G-Force ever since it first came out (although software upgrades which are invariably free from others are outrageously priced).   The new Toneprint stompboxes, app and editor are excellent.  But they could certainly sharpen up their customer service…  and fire UPS.

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