New pedalboard for jamming

When you jam, there’s no time to set up.  Some jams have a ‘no stomp boxes’ rule to hasten  changeovers.  (This also ensures that no-one sounds as good as the house band, whose gear is often used, but whether or not, are more familiar with the gear and space.  I should know, I’ve been in enough house bands and have played the game myself).

imageSo I wanted something that gives me all the control I need but sets up instantly.  That means seriously portable and no reliance on mains power.

After designing and exploring its fabrication, I gave up on a combined tuner, od and delay.  I also reviewed Analog Alien’s otherwise excellent Rumble Seat pedal, which combines od, delay and reverb.  But I rejected it because it needs external power.

Thus I arrived at this setup.  It gives me all the tones I need for blues-based jamming, is very portable as it straps onto my gigbag, and is powered by Pedaltrain’s Volto rechargeable power supply (which can also plug in if there’s nearby juice)…

And in use, it sounds really good too.  Not a toy at all.

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