Lovepedal/Hermida Dover Drive – first in UK?


I read about these online and liked what I saw. Great maker (Lovepedal).  Great designer (Alfonso Hermida, who created the celebrated ZenDrive).  And pitched at the space between overdrive and fuzz, so complimentary to everything else on my pedalboards.

So on this promise, I bought one sight unseen.  They shipped from US really quickly and I’ve now had a chance to explore and gig it.

It’s a very useful pedal and very musical/harmonic. Like any fuzz-based stomp, it’s a little tricky and quite sensitive to which amps and guitars you use it with.

Great with Strat & Tele, and also my ‘burst, Bonamassa in a box. Less so with P90’s, a bit dark, which is a pity as they’re my favourite pickups. Maybe I just need to do a bit more tweaking…

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