Combining wah & volume?

Some of you may have noticed that I use a vintage Italian Mister Cry Baby in my otherwise modern pedalboard. I do this to get round having to have two separate pedals, making the board bigger (I don’t play stadiums).

This vintage pedal is the only such product I could find.  It sounds good and mercifully doesn’t suck too much tone, but it’s a cranky old unit which needs a bit of maintenance/TLC.

The volume doesn’t go down to zero because the range of the pedal for wah and volume are different, but it’s still good for taking things down or doing swells. (I can mute things completely using my tuner if need to).

But all this got me thinking, why does nobody make a decent modern one? Morley make one, but it’s a huge slab of nasty folded metal sheet and anyway the switch between volume and wah is on the side so you can’t activate with your foot. Duh.

There’s quite a lot of stuff about this on the web, much of it quite old, which suggests demand for such a product. I think I’ll commission one and If it’s any good I’ll start selling them. I’m thinking two completely discreet parallel paths switched by a toe switch under the pedal, probably housed in a Cry Baby-type casing….

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