Zenkudo/Dumkudo custom twin pedal on its way

Given my penchant for overdrives and for the ‘Dumble sound’ – and having narrowly missed a Dumkudo on sale here recently – the rave reviews and artist list led me to treat myself.

As I use numerous guitars with single-coil and humbucker pickups, I opted for the Custom Twin pedal which contains both a Dumkudo (recommended for single coils) and Zenkudo (for humbuckers).  As they’re independent but in the same housing, you can also cascade one into the other for endless overdrive fun.


Maker Tanabe-san’s customer service is exceptional, fantastic communication.  Even better, I spotted one Robben Ford on the waiting list, vindicating my ‘blind’ purchase and suggesting that I have something really special coming in the post in a few days’ time.

Needless to say, I will post experiences shortly!

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