633 Amps prototypes

I’m testing two prototype amps from 633 Amps this weekend.

The Safire (grey housing) is 36w and the Nighthawk (orange) nearer 60w. Headroom control scales power down to a few watts and is the most effective scaling I’ve come across. Useful and very musical, doesn’t just squash things.

Very similar sounds, very clear, rich and textured on the high headroom settings and great drive with lower headroom and higher volume.

photo (2)

Both have onboard reverb and really organic trem. The Safire has low and high-gain (hot & sweet) inputs, the Nighthawk has one input and internal remote-controlled channel switching.

All the controls actually do something, the simple ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ EQ really effective. So far, these guys make every guitar I’ve played through them sound great, bigger! Fantastic…

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