633 Amps Safire and Nighthawk – first impressions

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Designer Cliff Brown parked these two prototypes with me for a couple of days so I could really get to know them.  Wow – easily amongst the best amps I’ve played.

They have a novel approach to power scaling, which is important as they’re designed to get most of their overdrive from saturation of the power amp and not preamp as in many cases.

So understanding the relationship between the ‘headroom’ and volume controls is key to understanding these amps.  The next step is to get used to the two simple and very powerful low and high eq knobs and the three switchable amp modes.

Then its just dial in some onboard digital reverb, and maybe some of the amps’ lovely organic trem if you fancy.

These amps do everything well – from clean headroom country sounds, through jangly indie rhythm, blues leads to harder rock. And they make each guitar sound like a bigger version of itself, great detail and texture.

I’ll post much more detail when my own arrives in a few months!

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