New Lazy J 20 is here…

..actually I’ve had it for a week but I’ve been down with the ‘flu ever since it arrived.

I must have been ill if it prevented me from playing a new toy. It’s a fab amp.  Small, light and sounds sublime with everything I’ve stuck through it so far.  Loves the 335. Quite middly tone, very warm.

Lazy J 20Basically a modern take on the classic tweed deluxe, handbuilt by amp guru Jesse Hoff in leafy Surrey.

It has four inputs, low and higher gain normal and bright and with Lazy J’s VAC power scaling it can go from decent headroom to pretty overdriven.  Very effective single tone control, switchable mid-boost and a bass cut switch on the chassis for removing humbucker ‘flub’.

Can’t wait to do a blues gig with this one!



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