633 Amp #2 arrives…

In fact it arrived a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been on the road.  It may look almost exactly the same as my fabulous #1, and it has the ‘633 sound’, but this one has cascading gain and is configured to sing more on solos.

If my #1 Custom 36 is like a Super on steroids, this one, a Drive King 50, is more into the singing D-style territory.  It’s still undergoing ‘sea trials’ and the more complicated and flexible controls take a little more getting used to, but I still haven’t found a dud sound.

Drive King

My #1 has been with Guitarist magazine for photography and review for a number of weeks (with an updated fascia and a regular black cab as my modest, unassuming choice of finish may not be to everyone’s taste).

My take is that they absolutely love it and don’t really want to return it, but I’m hoping to see it back around June 8ish.  The Guitarist article is being scheduled to coincide with a piece on the wonderful blesser Kirk Fletcher, who made a 633 Groove King sound fabulous on his last UK tour.

I can’t wait to compare my two 633’s side by side and even better, use both at once.  Oooh. suits you. sir.

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