My #1 633 amp gets 10/10 in Guitarist Mag review

I loaned my #1 633 amp, a Custom 36, to maker Cliff Brown for photography and review in Guitarist magazine, which was published in the August 2016 issue.

The amps were with them for quite a long time and word filtered back that they were really enjoying them and weren’t in a hurry to return them.  Fortunately, my #2 arrived during #1’s absence so I could get to know that too.

This is borne out by the fantastic review.  Forgive me if I quote : “..the Custom 36’s owner-driven spec hits the performance and sonic bullseye for us – it’s simply the best amp of its type we’ve ever plugged into…”.

NB the amp was rehoused in a rather more universally-appealing black and wood cab for the review and they didn’t even have my matched cabs, one with an Eminence Red Guv’nor and one with a Celestion G12-75 Creamback….

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